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A Premier Center – Norman Ebenstein, one of the most noted personalities in the world of business was recently honored with a knighthood. He is currently a professor at Duke University. His father was a builder and his mother was a seamstress. He is now recognized as a world renowned authority on leadership, business, sales, leadership, coaching and mentoring.

Prior to retiring as the founding president of Premier Center – Norman Ebenstein served as CEO of Gateway Communications where he built the world’s tallest and most technologically advanced buildings. He has been named one of Business Week’s “most innovated executives of the year” and was listed in Time Magazine’s “top 100 thinkers.” Dr. Ebenstein has also been named as an Executive Coach to numerous companies including Sun Microsystems, GlaxoSmithKline, Daewoo, Viacom and Alcoa. In addition to these ventures he has also opened the Center for Corporate Leadership at the Graduate School of Management at Michigan University. This prestigious program seeks to develop the skills of its students towards realizing their own entrepreneurial dreams by providing cutting edge courses and on-the-job experience.

Premier Center  Norman Ebenstein

Prior to retiring from the Gateway Communications Corporation Norman Ebenstein developed a number of highly successful businesses that created positive impacts around the world. Among his most popular franchises were those associated with casinos, sports, educational facilities, resorts, spas and restaurants. These franchises helped to bring millions of people into the entertainment, leisure and business industries. The Ebensteins initially started their businesses in New York City before expanding out into other areas of the country. They have now established centers in Canada, Mexico, and Hong Kong.

Premier Center – Norman Ebenstein believes that it is possible to attract a diverse mix of people to a business like his own. This means that you can attract a variety of age groups to be part of your clientele. He strives to keep the focus of his clients as broad as possible by focusing on different aspects within hospitality. This means that he will not only focus on dining, but also on transportation, sales, grounds maintenance and so on.

Premier Center – Norman Ebenstein’s goal is to ensure that all of the services and products that he provides are able to meet the needs of each of his clients. All of the food that he serves is natural and organic, which meets the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency. All of the resort furniture and equipment that he uses is manufactured with recyclable materials. All of his furniture is provided to him from repurposed shipping containers that he purchases in bulk. This allows him to offer environmentally-friendly hotel furniture to his customers.

Premier Center – Norman Ebenstein sees himself as the local entrepreneur, someone who puts in the effort to make things happen. He strives to maintain strong connections with the area and provide a positive image of his community. As such, he is always looking for ways to expand his business presence in order to add more services and more products to his menu. In fact, he has opened a spa called the Spa by the Bay, which caters to both men and women. More than 20 people have undergone detoxification at the spa, which has proven extremely beneficial to both their physical and spiritual well-being.

Premier Center – Norman Ebenstein sees himself as a leader who takes pride in the success of his business partners. He is always open to suggestions from his partners as to how they can best serve their guests. He looks forward to talking with them about what concerns them, and he wants them to be involved in every decision that is made in the business. When one of his partners comes to visit, Norman is certain to give him the full attention that he feels he deserves. He truly loves his family, and he wants them to enjoy the benefits of his business with him.

It is clear from the above that Norman Ebenstein is someone who cares about his customers. After all, they are the reason why he runs this company. Premier Center – Norman Ebenstein understands that the success of his business partners depends on him. He makes every effort to ensure that they are happy with the products that he offers and that they come back to him again. Premier Center – Norman Ebenstein is truly a leader who cares about his customers.