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Xpress Exterior Design: Baltimore Roofing Company has redesigned its website to improve user experience for roofers, architects, developers, roofing contractors, and property management professionals. Xpress Exterior Design is now focused on helping customers find roofing contractors, roof services, roofing design projects, new roof construction, repair, and roof maintenance information online. A few of the key features are:

o Updated Search Technology – Xpress now provides a comprehensive search tool for residential roofing companies, residential roof construction projects, residential roof maintenance, and residential roof design projects. The advanced search technology enables you to refine your search to specifically match your needs. The result list includes roofer type, address, contact information, project type, and specialty category. You can also select a roofer from a selection of roofing companies listed by specialty. If you have specific preferences in terms of roofer type or roofing company type, you can specify those choices when you are browsing through the results.

o Online Storm Simulation Technology – The Storm Simulation technology enables you to simulate roof repairs and replacement bids for over 100 different roof types and roof conditions. You can also view recent roof inspection reports and bids for all roof types. You can run as many simulations as you like without signing up for service. The Storm Simulation system is fully customizable and can be run on either a single or multiple server. You can save the results in your browser for review later.

o Industry References – xpress exterior design and installation has been providing clients in Baltimore and throughout Maryland with professional roofing service and products for over 50 years. This long standing history and high quality customer service ensures that you will receive the highest quality workmanship and installation in the industry. xpress exterior design and installation offers more than just roofing professionals. They offer a full range of services including roof inspections, re-tire reviews, and pre-approval of pre-owned roofing materials.

o Insurance Claims – xpress roofing contractor inspection is an excellent way to minimize roofing contractor inspection costs, while ensuring that your roofing projects are completed with higher safety standards and fewer insurance claims. xpress roofing provides a comprehensive inspection and cost estimate service for all roofing projects in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. Through our convenient online application, you can submit roofing project quotes, submit insurance claims, and get full roofing warranty protection. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the roofer at anytime, day or night. Our skilled roofing specialists can assist you with anything from minor roof repair issues to routine maintenance and repairing damaged asphalt shingles.

o Professional roofing warranties – xpress roofing contractors and suppliers offer a full slate of roofing warranty options, including standard warranties as well as advanced warranties for your specific roofing system requirements. xpress roofing contractors and suppliers use the latest technology to guarantee that your roofing system will provide you with years of trouble free roofing. For example, our roofing warranty options include both lifetime warranties and advanced lifetime warranties. These warranties ensure that the contractor will repair or replace your roofing system in the event of a complete roofing replacement. The advanced lifetime warranty option is designed to give you extra peace of mind by protecting your investment through multiple roof repairs and replacements over the life of the policy. This option is also designed to give you peace of mind by protecting your roof from the ravages of time, weather and other threats.

o Commercial clients – xpress roofing contractors offer commercial clients and remodeling project managers the same comprehensive services that residential clients enjoy. We create custom designs for commercial buildings that meet the building’s specifications necessary to meet the strict codes regulating commercial construction. If you have questions about the roofing system or need assistance with a particular aspect of your project, a professional roofer can assist you throughout the process and make suggestions about making your remodeling dreams become a reality.

o Professional roofing contractors – residential and commercial clients can get free estimates online for the best roofing estimates available. By getting a free roofing estimate online, you can compare different roofing prices and services without any pressure. You can also request an estimate over the phone or in person, if preferred.