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In the early days, train trips to Canada were more for businessman and politicians. They were the railway engineers who designed the tracks, linked up the communities, and made the trains run smoothly. Travel via Canadian railroad is much the same these days. Tourists come from around the globe to experience the thrill of rail travel. Now, visitors can experience that same thrill on a train trip to Banff, Alberta.

Train travel to Banff is a popular tourist attraction. Travelers can take a one-way trip, which means they depart from their departure destination and stay at the Fairmont hotels in Banff, Alberta. The all-inclusive packages are a good deal because they include airfare, accommodation, transportation, meals, and a guided tour of the national parks and other attractions. Many tour packages include the cost of a day’s stay at the Fairmont hotel. Travel via Canadian railroad takes about two and a half days, so it’s not difficult to fit in a visit to the national parks along with a railway tour.

Train trip to Banff

Travelers who want a more challenging itinerary can opt for a two-night rail trip. On weekdays, passengers can stop at the five-star Banff Junction, where they can take a train ride to the Chateau. From there, they can explore the town and visit several of its marvelous restaurants, boutique shops, and art galleries. On weekends, the rails head up to the national parks, which are also rich in history. Passengers can take a three-night trip that includes a stay in the Fairmont chateau.

There are several transportation options available to travelers. They can ride the train to the top of Mount Norquay or take the bus into Banff, which takes just a couple of hours. The most straightforward way to travel between the two cities is on the popular west-end ski lift Express to Sunshine Village. For a faster, but less scenic route, travellers can take the popular train to Calgary. The train leaves frequently throughout the day, so morning hours are typically the most pleasant. The train departs from the new Rainbow station on the Trans Canada Trail and arrives at the Chateau every few hours during peak season (usually April-June), so it may be a little crowded during these periods.

Travelers can also drive to Banff and stay at the Fairmont Chateau, which is a short walk from the Chateau. The amenities are first-class, with cable television, Internet access, coffee maker, kettle, fridge, hairdryer and microwave. Guests can also enjoy the Fairmont’s business centre and gym, which offer a range of fitness equipment. The Fairmont’s three nights Fairmont Banff springs hotel is a comfortable option for overnight guests who want to explore the city, and there are many places to stay in Banff while they’re in town.

Many tourists have favourite train stations in the world, and the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is no different. departure from Edmonton takes guests north on the Sky Train, which passes through many magnificent sights including the Jasper National Park, Banff National Park, Fortiflora National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. The Sky Train leaves Edmonton via the Bow River, so travellers can visit all of the parks within an hour’s drive, while in Calgary they can take a train ride over Bannockburn and on to Jasper. The Rideau Canal is a popular spot for travellers travelling from Vancouver to Calgary, and the canal is home to a popular tourist attraction. The train ride to Banff makes for a pleasant excursion around northern Canada.

The Fairmont’s dining room offers a range of delicious cuisine, and guests can even purchase Fairmont breakfast services at the lobby. The restaurant’s spacious banquet room overlooks the river from which the train takes off, and there are multiple dining options. Each table features a view of the river, and guests often dine al fresco on the patio, indoors, or on the grass. If they prefer to relax in the evening, there is romance to be found in the Banff Ridge Restaurant. It offers sweeping panoramic views of the countryside that are ideal for a romantic evening out.

While many people take a train trip to Banff, only a few make it to the mountain railway. The train ride is a beautiful way to get to the mountain, and guests may wish to take a day or two to relax in the area. It would be interesting to see what the area looked like in Victorian times. The experience could lead to photos and stories to share with family and friends.