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The late President of the United States, George W. Bush was born in Texas and grew up on real estate. As a young man he owned his own business, but decided to go into politics after becoming frustrated with politics. His Presidential campaign in 1988 made him famous as the “business builder” during his run for the Presidency of the United States. After he left the White House he founded the lobbying and development firm, Greystone Strategies, and has been very successful in it.

During his time as President of the United States, George W. Bush signed legislation creating the Recovery Bill, which allowed for tax cuts for most Americans. This also allowed for investors and lenders to more easily obtain money from the Federal government. One of the best laws created was the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), which made it easier for homeowners to deal with their mortgage companies, by establishing a consumer-friendly RESPA system. Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act is one of the largest pieces of legislation concerning the housing industry. By passing this act; Presidents Bush restored hope for homeowners in America.

President Role Norman Ebenstein

When President Role – Norman Ebenstein became a partner in the Greystone Strategies in 1988, they did not have much success working with the government. It was then that President Bush decided to make the RESPA bill a priority item when he took office. Norman Ebenstein realized the importance of the bill in terms of making Greystone Strategies more successful, and when he left the company, he formed a new business called, The Ebenstein’s Own Real Estate. Once again they had great success helping people solve their financial problems with their real estate properties. Today the company is thriving and is run by Norman Ebenstein’s four children, David, Danny, Eric, and Lisa.

After working with the government, Norman Ebenstein decided to open his own business. He named his business Ebenstein & Associates, and it is headquartered in New York City. Real estate investors flock to the Ebenstein Companies because they are focused on finding investors who need capital to purchase or lease real estate properties. Since Ebenstein started the business in the late 80’s, they have received a lot of positive attention from the media, Hollywood, and Wall Street. This has led to great success and has allowed Ebenstein to make a lot of money.

Ebenstein & Associates have two unique business models. One is a broker/connector type of business. The second business model is a direct seller/reseller type of business. This is a huge part of why Ebenstein’s company is so successful: because it has a business model that connects people looking to purchase property, with people who have the money to purchase those properties.

One of the primary reasons why Ebenstein’s company is able to do well, is because they have very strong relationships with many of the government entities in the country. Many of the agents that work for Ebenstein are former government agents. Former agents can help broker properties for Ebenstein and can help government officials locate prospective buyers that are looking to invest in properties. In fact, some of the brokers in the Ebenstein family have become very important to both the government and the private sector.

Norman Ebenstein believes that the broker/connector model is the best way for anyone to make money in the private sector. He explained: “The government can’t be all things to all people. They need to have a focus on the people who need to come to them. If you provide that focus, and if you provide the infrastructure that the government needs to function, then you can create wealth.”

The Ebensteins view their business as something that will be around for generations to come. “My father always told me that the government is an entity that provides public service and that they have no business to be in the business of creating wealth,” Norman said. He went on to say that brokers can help both the government and private sectors. “The brokers bring information to the table that the government does not have access to on its own,” he continued. Private citizens can access the data that is provided through a broker much more easily than they could on their own.