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Working with the best coaching staff in the east helped a lot of people learn how to dominate their lanes in League of Legends. However, what’s the ideal LoL coaching team? How many players do you need, what should they do, and how much do they cost? It’s a legitimate concern, since not everyone has the time or skills to coach other people. Luckily, there are some very effective LoL coaching methods that can make your team dominate.

lol coaching

First off, most successful teams have a general theme, or “strategy” in their play. In League of Legends, this strategy can either be a specific “style”, or a general “ritual”. For example, some people might run around with pink wards as their main source of vision, while using their other abilities to set up ganks and trades. These are the people who call themselves “lol coaching”.

The most important aspect of the strategy is execution. This is where a coach like Sreesha (of the Diamond Sword fame) excels. Most coaches just tell their players to do stuff, but Sreesha knows how to actually make it happen. At any given moment, Sreesha can be heard yelling at her team members for mispositioning, or positioning themselves in unfavorable locations. Basically, she’s telling them to think ahead about what’s going to happen next in order to make their moves with ease.

Another aspect of good and effective League of Legends coaching is being flexible. In order to succeed in coaching, coaches should be willing to adapt their strategies to the players’ level of skill. At the same time, these coaches should also be aware of how to recognize strengths and weaknesses of individual players, and adjust their coaching styles accordingly. Most coaches spend a lot of time researching the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing teams’ starting line-up and playing style in order to create a specific game plan. The best coaches always take this extra step, because their team’s performance greatly depends on it.

While all this is very important, one aspect that isn’t really discussed much is the mental conditioning of the players themselves. In order to be able to win against other equally skilled and experienced opponents, players need to be mentally ready to go. Good coaches make sure they provide their players with ample practice. This way, they will be ready to face the challenge of facing their opponents in actual games.

Lastly, good and effective for coaching also relies heavily on communication. Communication is key to any team, especially in a game that involves two people who cannot speak the same language. Most coaches try to keep their players away from the computer, so that they can focus more on the game itself. Of course, not everything will depend on your computer skills, so be sure to listen to your players during game time. Good luck!