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One question often asked by those who are new to playing the League of Legends is, How much does a LoL coach cost? These are very common questions and it is best to answer them before wasting time signing up to try and learn how to play this game. Yes, most of the top LoL players have coaches or training coaches (also known as instructional coaches) who they go to for tips and techniques on how to improve their game. The fee they pay to learn how to play LoL is minimal compared to what they will get from a LoL gaming house.

hire a Lol coach

A basic level player will spend a few months playing the game and learn the ins and outs of the game. They will learn what buttons to press, when to press them and how to react to certain situations. However, this is all they can hope to achieve because they are not professionals and do not have years of experience. If they hired a professional LoL coaching service then they could expect to increase their skill level in a short period of time.

Some top LoL gamers actually hire a full-time coach to learn how to play the game from someone who is an established pro. Most new players will not be able to afford such a huge expense so most will look towards free online LoL coaching services. If you are interested in increasing your skill level, you could consider signing up to one of these websites to learn how to play the game better.

While you learn to play the game through a coaching service, you will get one-on-one lessons from a pro. Your coach will teach you how to properly lane split, how to control your aura, how to farm and when to get your spells leveled up. Most importantly, your coach will teach you the importance of good micro. His is the only way to play at a pro level; micro is what will separate you from your friends and possible top laners. With proper micro, you could even out match them at the beginning of the game!

A coach will also help you learn how to play better in tealights and late game tealights. These are crucial aspects of the game that many new players neglect to learn. Your support player will also help you learn how to carry off kills so you can have an impactful early game and late game. With proper teamwork and practice, your team will start looking like the worlds dominant team right away!

The biggest advantage of having a professional LoL coach is that he has been playing the game for a long time. He knows how good and how bad champions are, and how much stronger or weaker junglers are than top laners. He has also played and learned the game for years. He will therefore have a good grasp of how the game works and how to best apply strategies in the current situations.

Another so that you can learn a lot from is the ability to communicate effectively with your team. Communication within a game such as LoL is paramount to winning, and you will not learn this as a beginner. Playing against other professional players will help you gain this valuable skill. You will be able to communicate with your team in different ways, and will know when you and your team need to communicate differently to achieve a goal!

Lastly, you can learn how to relax more. Playing on your feet all day and feeling the adrenaline rush is not fun. Not only will you be exhausted at the end of every game, but you will also have a hard time relaxing. A game a few hours away from your computer can give you all the relaxation you need!