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With so many cheap web hosting Australia providers out there, it can be quite confusing as to what is available and which provider offers the best service at the best price. There are some clear and distinct differences between cheap web hosting Australia and cheap web hosting in the United States. This article focuses on one of those differences – domain registration.

Domain registration is one of the most important features of cheap web hosting. Without it, your web site will not be visible to your visitors. Free web hosting comes with some limitations, of course, such as server speed, website performance, site availability and backup provision. However, that is not to say that all cheap web hosting is bad, just that there are some things you should be aware of when signing up for a cheap siteground account.

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There is one major difference between cheap web hosting and free web hosting and that is domain registration. When you sign up for a cheap siteground account, you are generally given the option to register your site with any domain registration service that the web host uses. You may have to select one from a limited list of domains offered by the web host, or you may even have to pay an extra fee for a domain that you really want. If you are given the option to register a domain name at no charge, that means you will probably not get the same level of support that you would get if you had paid for it. For example, you will likely have to wait several months before your domain is activated and is available for use.

Another big difference between cheap web hosting and paid-for hosting is the availability of MySQL databases. Some cheap providers do not include MySQL databases, while others include them at an extra cost. If you are using a free-hosting platform, such as Linux, there is a good chance that MySQL will be available as part of the operating system. If you are on a paid-for platform like Windows, you will have to install the MySQL client from scratch.

Some cheap web hosting providers do not offer support for WordPress hosting providers at all. These web hosting services use a CMS (content management system) that is different from that of a regular WordPress installation. Some people find that WordPress hosting is easy enough to learn that they prefer to use WordPress instead of other CMSs. Unfortunately, most WordPress hosting providers do not provide technical support for their WordPress services, so users are left to their own devices in terms of getting help.

A final difference between cheap web hosting and free domain names is the set up of the web hosting accounts. Free domain names are generally limited to only a few words, making it more difficult to register your domain name and more time-consuming to renew your domain name every year. When you are working with a cheap web hosting service, however, your domain name is generally allowed up to nine words. As long as your business is still distinguishable, you should be able to maintain your domain name without too much trouble.

The managed WordPress hosting mentioned earlier comes with added benefits. You will not need to take up too much of your time when installing WordPress, and you will never be required to spend money on hosting bills or WordPress upgrades. Instead, your web host will take care of it for you, and you will only have to make sure that your domain name is correctly registered. When your domain name is registered, you can then create a new login page for your site, as well as upload your site and content. You will even have the freedom to add new products to your site.

With cheap email hosting, you also get live chat with an expert customer support representative who can help you every step of the way from setting up your site, to using the site, to selling products, to maintaining customer support. Live chat is one of the best features of siteground, and this allows you to get in touch with other site operators easily. If you are having trouble with any part of your site, you will have someone right away to assist you. You won’t have to wait for your computer to boot up, and you will always be able to find help in real-time.