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A huge part of our lives are the events in our lives, like weddings, engagements, proposals, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and the list goes on. Diamond pendants are just as important for those special moments in your life. If you want to make your special moment extra special, why not make it extra beautiful with a gorgeous diamond pendant. And when it comes to wedding bands, engagement rings are definitely at the top of the list. And what better way to make that extra special than with a diamond custom made in Calgary, AB?

“Breslau & Warren are the best choice of local and international jewellers for fine diamond wedding bands and diamond pendants, particularly when you compare us against any of the other Calgary jewelry stores.” Says Jay Bresler, owner and CEO of Breslau & Warren. “We have a fantastic reputation for helping couples celebrate their diamond anniversary by creating custom diamond wedding bands. And we also have an amazing reputation for helping couples create stunning gemstone bridal and engagement rings that will make their forever priceless. Our goal is to make sure our customers are completely satisfied, and that is what we strive to do every time we work with a customer.”

Diamond pendants calgary

For many years, Calgary has had one of the largest diamond ring and diamond pendant production facilities in the entire world. Now, at Breslau & Warren, you can experience this same quality and dedication at home. Diamonds can be cut into any size or shape imaginable, and we have an incredible assortment of finishes available to suit any taste or style. And the best part about it-you can have any diamond cut and shape you want, anywhere in the world!

You can choose a simple solitaire diamond ring, a five-pronged diamond cluster, or a princess cut diamond ring to compliment your wedding colors. In addition to choosing the right shape, you can choose the right color. From traditional white (for a wedding or engagement ring) to antique yellow (perfect for a more traditional wedding), you can find the perfect shade to suit your tastes and wedding theme. And if you’re looking for something a little different, we carry green (a wonderful choice for a backyard wedding!) and blue (perfect for a beach wedding!) diamond rings, and even pink and purple options for your Calgary wedding.

Breslau & Warren have taken the guesswork out of purchasing a diamond engagement ring. With their experienced associates, you can be confident that they will personally fit the diamond to your finger, making it easy to ensure the highest quality for your Calgary wedding. Breslau & Warren offer over 500 different styles of diamond pendants to choose from, so there’s definitely a style and setting to suit any occasion. Their customer service staff is available to assist you in selecting the perfect ring.

The next time you’re looking for something different for your Calgary wedding, don’t forget about diamond pendants! Diamonds are one of the most sought after stones in the world, and many couples want the symbolic meaning of them to be part of their ceremony. Diamonds speak of purity and innocence, and a diamond pendant represents that same purity and innocence. Whether you choose a traditional solitaire diamond ring for your engagement or a cluster of smaller diamonds, you’ll be keeping something close to you at every single point in the evening. With Breslau & Warren, you’re guaranteed quality and a precious gem for your special day. And the memories will last a lifetime!