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When we refer to home office ideas, we can not overlook standing office chairs as valuable pieces of furniture. They are an essential element of any home office. When we refer to home office ideas, we basically mean an area, room or set of rooms designated as the home office. These home offices can be used for any purpose, however, the most common use of a home office is for work. And it has become mandatory for every user to have a standing chair in this room.

standing chair

Standing chairs are specially designed to include the act of standing with the back and moving forward into sitting position. They provide users the advantages of standing up straight and the pleasures of sitting comfortably while eliminating to a very large extent the discomforts of both. While purchasing them, you must keep in mind that they should be the best suited for your body structure. The best suited chairs for a person who stands up straight and is tall are usually the office chairs with lumbar support.

Office chairs with lumbar support are much more comfortable than ordinary office chairs. When you sit on these chairs, the lower part of your spine gets the tilting angle needed for good spinal alignment. When you sit on an ordinary chair, the lower portion of your spine keeps leaning forward to allow you to sit on the seat. And this tilting angle may result in aches and pains at the time of standing up or sitting down. A standing office chair tilts at an angle of 45 degrees, allowing the user to sit straight and not get the tilting effect.

The standing desk chairs normally have a built-in stool of one or two sitting stools attached to it. These stools are normally adjustable in height and can be folded when not required. However, the main advantage with these types of stools is that they are inconvenient for the users. As mentioned earlier, these stools can be folded when not in use, thereby providing an additional space for storage of other office equipment.

Most of these stools are made from foam. Foam is a good material to use since it gives a firm support to the back while sitting or standing. However, when foam is used, the seat height range should be appropriately decided upon. Standing stools with seat heights range from six inches to seven inches. Office chairs with seat heights ranging from six to seven inches may cause discomfort to tall people.

The advantages of the standing Ergonomic Chair are: It improves the sitting mobility by a significant percentage. This chair offers a better posture, relieving the stress on the neck and back. It also facilitates a healthy blood flow to the brain. The most important thing is that you must go for ergonomic chairs that offer a tilting mechanism. These mechanisms make the work easier and save time, especially for those who are constantly working.