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In a recent interview with Music BizZ, Norman Ebenstein discussed the ways in which he’d personally benefitted from the “Hollywood Soundtrack” of the dot-com crash. Soundtracking his rise to wealth via the Ebenstein Group, Ebenstein revealed how he’d begun his career as a songwriter and music producer before branching out into the highly lucrative field of real estate development. According to Norman Ebenstein, it was the sound engineering skills that really brought him success through the boom of the dot-com industry.

Norman Ebensteins Soundtrack on Soundcloud
Norman Ebenstein’s Soundtrack – Soundcloud

So, how did he achieve such stardom? In this interview, Norman Ebenstein discusses the beginnings of what would become the hit recording, “Reelin’ in the Years.” As he tells the story, he and his brother, Sam, had always wanted to start a recording studio, but they didn’t know where to begin. They knew that Sam was good at playing in bands, but they both felt that being a musician was beyond their abilities. So, they started looking for musicians to record. One of the people they discovered was Doug Estes, who was also good at playing in bands and was interested in recording as well.

So, Ebenstein and Estes created their own band, called the Rhinos. After some time, Estes left the band and went back to their day job, but Norman kept the musical direction and stayed in contact with the other members. He even took them on as clients.

It was this extensive client list that would eventually inspire Norman Ebenstein’s Soundtrack on Soundcloud. In his own words, he uses the platform to “give people an opportunity to listen to what we have to say without having to leave their homes”. The tracks he offers have been used by a wide variety of artists. He also has tracks that feature original compositions, by various artists, that he’s made available as downloads so that anyone can benefit from them.

Norman Ebenstein is not a typical property developer. He’s rich, and he does it in a very unique way. He leverages the online social media sites to give people an opportunity to engage with him, making him a sort of celebrity within the music industry. The Soundtrack on Soundcloud is also a digital album that has the same rich, lo-fi audio quality as any other download.

But, how does he do it? Well, he uses a technique known as “viral marketing”, which is a concept that applies to many different things, but particularly in the music industry. You’ll find that when you’re listening to a track on the radio, or even watching a TV show, you’re really only hearing part of the performer’s voice. Even if you’re listening live, you’ll only be hearing the performer’s voice as they speak. It’s almost like they’re in your head, and you’re just hearing what they think you hear.

Ebenstein essentially takes this idea of viral marketing and uses it to give his subscribers a chance to engage with him in a completely new way. Once they subscribe to his site and download his Soundtrack on Soundcloud, they’ll hear his music through their headphones, on their MP3 player, or wherever they happen to be at the time. They’ll also get a chance to “verb” their own voice, making it much more powerful and believable. They’ll be hearing themselves talk, and that creates a powerful effect on them. The voter will feel like they’re a part of the conversation in an entirely new way.

Norman Ebenstein is a master at describing emotions and mental states accurately. In his Soundtrack on Soundcloud, he describes his voter as “a quiet and reclusive person who spends his days in a white-washed country house enjoying classical music and enjoying life.” These descriptions bring a sense of reality to what might otherwise be a simple poll taken by a machine. This is why so many politicians and brands use Soundtrack on Soundcloud. They can also use it as an actual campaign poster.