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Hyperhidrosis – Dry Skin Or Permanent Makeup?

If you are looking for a permanent makeup makeover that can help you with your excessive sweating, permanent cosmetic Botox treatments are the best solution. Botox is a chemical substance that is injected into certain areas to reduce the hyperhidrosis or uncontrollable sweat and prevent excessive drying of the skin.

Permanent lip balm and permanent makeup makeovers are available by applying Botox on certain areas. Botox is not permanent. The temporary effects of Botox last up to two to three years but the permanent effects can last indefinitely.

Botox is injected directly into various spots on the face or neck so that the Botox is activated by the body and does not have to be absorbed into the skin. The Botox is a mild poison and will not produce any side effects once injected.

Coolsculpting is another permanent cosmetic procedure that is very popular in Los Angeles. It is very effective in reducing excessive sweating and drying of the skin. Coolsculpting works by melting or cooling the sweat glands, which temporarily reduces sweating and promotes clear, healthy skin.

Since Botox is a mild poison, it is safe for all ages. You do not have to worry about its side effects either. It only needs to be injected by a licensed medical professional in Los Angeles.

Botox is only a temporary fix and requires a lifetime of treatment to get permanent results. The best way to treat hyperhidrosis is to use both Botox and Coolsculpting together.

The side effects of Botox may include nosebleeds, swollen ankles, tooth sensitivity, mouth ulcers, migraine headaches, depression, and memory problems. It is not recommended for children under the age of18 and it is best to seek the advice of a doctor before you consider going for Botox injections.

Some people have reported being able to recover from botox headaches, nosebleeds, and tooth sensitivity in as little as two weeks, however, this recovery time is dependent on the individual. There is no need to fear that Botox may cause permanent damage to your body.

Since Botox is injected into specific areas, some areas might take longer to recover than others. Your best bet is to see a physician before you start Botox injections so that you know exactly what will happen and how long you’ll be away from work and home.

You will be restricted from activities while you are receiving Botox treatments but you will be able to resume normal activities after about a week. This makes it easy to find time to recover and to avoid stress.

Some people in Los Angeles have used both Botox and Coolsculpting at the same time for permanent makeup. Both treatments seem to work better than either treatment alone and make the patients feel more confident and relaxed as well.

For more information on Botox and Coolsculpting, visit the websites below. You’ll also find lots of photos of people who are happy with their results.